Wreaths Across America - Houston

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Info for the Wreaths Across America - Houston Day


December 17th, 2022

Rain or shine event.
COVID Information

Currently there are no requirements or restrictions added to the 2022 program. Wreaths Across America-Houston will work to make the event as efficient as possible and to avoid close contact where we can. Wearing of masks are encourage in close contact areas but not required.


The best place to park is at Greenspoint Mall and take the free shuttle.

Cemetery grounds parking will usually fill by 9:00am so Greenspoint is likely the best option.

Buses are not permitted in the cemetery. Please pull to the front gate to let your passengers off and then park at Greenspoint for the driver to take the shuttle. Most shuttle buses are wheelchair equipped.

Parking on Veterans Memorial is not recommended as it is a very busy road.

NOTE: After the ceremony all the busses will be there to help take people back. Please be patient as we get 17,000 people delivered back to Greenspoint. There will be a line but it goes quickly.

Dress for the Weather

There will be people in jeans, suits and uniforms. Please be respectful of those around you.

Yes, you may bring chairs if you like.

Yes, please bring the kids.

The sections we are doing will be printed in the program that day.