COVID-19 Update

As of October 19, 2020

We Are Laying Wreaths!

With help from WAA National, the Houston National Cemetery, and some great advice from some of the other Texas national cemeteries, our board was finally able to work out a safe event that can still fulfill our goal to Remember, Honor and Teach as our community comes through and lays their wreaths.

The community can still pay their respects and uphold the family traditions that have been set around wreath day.

Here is how Wreath Day in Houston looks for 2020.

. Friday, December 18th

– Special Request Day – 

From 10:00am-2:00pm
any of our donors with Special Request wreaths are invited to come lay their wreath.

If you have ordered a special request wreath before the December 1st deadline, please come to the WAA Information tent at the Hemi-Cycle in the middle of the cemetery.
We will hand you your wreath so you can lay it on Friday.
After 2:00pm our volunteers will lay the Special Request wreaths so we are sure they all get done.

. Saturday, December 19th

– Drive-Thru Wreath Laying –

We will our wreath laying this year as a Drive Thru event.

You can pull through the front gate starting at 8:00am and we will have socially distanced volunteers hand a wreath for each person in the car.
You will also be handed a cemetery map and instructions for the day.

After you get your wreaths, you can proceed to any section in the cemetery and place it where ever you choose.
With 50 sections and 15 columbariums it will be easy for everyone to remain socially distanced.

After you place the wreath,
you are encouraged to read some of the other veteran names out loud in that section and view the cemetery a bit as you pay your respects.

When you are done, simply exit the cemetery through the back gate.
You will see the directional Exit signs.

This will continue from 8:00am until the wreaths are gone.

Running the wreath laying continuously this way will help spread our visitors out and keep everyone safe.

Ceremony –
Due to social distancing, we will not be having any ceremony this year. However, we will honor our branches with the 7 ceremonial wreaths in the cemetery.

Large Ceremonial Wreath –
As our original plan, we will help honor our veterans by placing a large wreath in every section of the cemetery. Each wreath will include branch flags from all the branches as well as the American and Texas flags.

Columbariums –
as with our original plan, we will help honor those interred in the columbariums by hanging wreaths from each support column as we do every year.

Patriotic Parade –
With the addition of laying wreaths, we will not be able to hold the patriotic parade through the cemetery.

Other Important Information –
Masks – if you are not in your car, you must have a mask on in the cemetery.
Social Distancing – help us keep everyone safe and remain socially distanced at the cemetery. We all need to be aware of our surrounding and be respectful of the rest of our visitors at the cemetery.
PPE – there will be signage at the front of the cemetery reminding everyone about PPE. But if there is a need, we will have additional PPE at the Hemicycle with gloves, masks, and sanitizer for any that forgot it.

If you have questions on anything above, please don’t hesitate to call or email:

Phone – 281-540-9444
Email –